The Lead Based Paint Removal By TMI Coatings, Inc.

Lead-Based Paint Removal

TMI Coatings is experienced in lead paint removal and encapsulation. For over 35 years, TMI Coatings has safely removed lead-based paint. Lead is a highly toxic substance that causes serious…

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Leaking Water Into A Electrical Control Room Resolved By TMI Coatings

Leaking Water into a Electrical Control Room Resolved by TMI Coatings

A Minnesota college was encountering water problems with water leaking into their building and flooding an electrical control room located in the basement.  The water was penetrating through the concrete slab located next to the building and through the brick building wall.

The TMI Coatings team applied a traffic deck coating to the raised concrete platform, which gave the platform a waterproof seal.  Aggregate was incorporated into the coating to create a non-slip surface for safety.   Additionally, TMI caulked around the windows and window wells of the building and where the concrete platform and side of the building came together.

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An Industrial Painting Project Completed By TMI Coatings

An Industrial Painting Project Completed by TMI Coatings

After the prep work was complete, TMI Coatings applied a primer/sealer coat to concrete silos 64’ long x 54’ wide x 110’ tall and a head house 140’ in the air at a grain facility on the river.  After the primer was applied, TMI applied an elastomeric coating to the silos and head house instead of regular paint.  Elastomeric coatings are waterproof and resist wind-driven rain due to their flexibility.  Large projects specified with an elastomeric coating come with a 5 year labor and material warranty guaranteeing the coating will not chip, peel or flake.

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