500,000 Gallon Single Pedestal Water Storage Tank

TMI Coatings, Inc. is finishing construction on its Maplewood, Minnesota project rehabilitating a 500,000-gallon single pedestal water storage tank.  The project consisted of fully recoating both the interior and exterior of the water tank in addition to several weld repairs and safety updates.

All paint on the tank was removed by abrasive blasting. Then the interior was coated with a NSF zinc and 100% solids fibered epoxy system to ensure the quality of the drinking water.  While not harmful odor problems can be sometimes be found in surface water and groundwater. To reduce the risk of taste and odor problems the owner chose a 100% solids spray applied coating. While the exterior received a zinc/epoxy/urethane protective coating.  Work on the exterior required a full containment system.  The picture below shows TMI containment booms and cables that make up the skeletal frame of our containment system.  TMI’s containment system is designed to meet specific SSPC requirements and is versatile and adjustable to work on a wide variety of tanks sizes and styles.

In addition to tower repainting, TMI also performed the following repairs: replacement of the mud-valve and condensate drain line, removed non-OSHA compliant ladders, installation of new safety climbs, replacing the roof handrail system, new roof vents, electrical modifications, grout repairs at the tanks base, and new gaskets and hardware for all hatches and entry man-ways.

While the tank is owned by St. Paul Regional Water Services, Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc. [SEH] is providing engineering oversight to the project.  Chris Wolfgram, SEH’s Protective Coatings Project Manager, has stated, “TMI has been timely in getting the work started and keeping to the required and projected schedule.  The City and SEH appreciates TMI staffing efforts and thoroughness to provide a suitable end product.”

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City of St. Paul Sterling Logo of Maple Wood Water Tower painted by TMI Coatings

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