Air Products and Chemicals Liquid Gas Tank Painted

TMI Coatings, Inc. recently coated a large liquid oxygen tank for a manufacturer of chemicals and gases used in the energy, medical and industrial markets.  This liquid oxygen tank had several layers of old paint that were flaking and peeling on the outside metal jacket.  TMI pressure washed the surfaces with 4,000 psi pressure washers and then mechanically abraded to remove all the loose and delaminating coating material and to create a good anchor pattern so the new coating would adhere. TMI then applied a full coat of a rust-inhibitive epoxy primer to protect the substrate from corrosion.  A quality topcoat was applied to all surfaces to provide color stability, and improve gloss retention.  The owner’s representative stated, “the tank looks really good. The guys did well, everything turned out really well.”

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Air Products and Chemicals Liquid Gas Tank Painted by TMI Coatings

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