Airport Containment Area Restored

TMI Coatings installed a lining in a secondary fuel oil containment dike at an airport in Wyoming. TMI first prepared the surfaces by diamond grinding the floor, walls, and pads; there were (6) tank pads and (23) pipe pads to prepare and coat.  All joints and cracks were routed out and filled. TMI restored eroded areas to the surrounding plane using a mortar filler. TMI then installed FIBERLIFE consisting of a chemical resistant resin with fiberglass mat reinforcement. The system TMI installed was suitable for splash and spill and short term immersion service in petroleum. We also completed caulking at all floor/wall junctures to further seal.

TMI Prepares And Coats Ceiling

TMI Prepares and Coats Ceiling

A large poultry processor in Wisconsin hired TMI Coatings to paint their bar joist ceiling in a production area. High moisture and rigorous wash downs had caused the old ceiling…

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