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Bin and Silo Base Sealing Services in Wisconsin

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) is a painting and restoration contractor restoring America’s infrastructure. TMI applies a protective coating around the base of silos or bins to protect from corrosion. The epoxy/urethane elastomer coating system protects the chime (floor/wall juncture) of the silos from corrosion and moisture.

Concerned with rusty steel at the base of your silos?

Moisture causes corrosion around the base of your silos, requiring protection

  • TMI utilizes power tools to prepare the rusty surface preparation to clean and remove any contaminants
  • We remove rust and failed coatings and sealantsSilo bin base coating and restoration
  • To offer maximum protection against corrosion, we apply a rust-inhibitive epoxy primer
  • Then we apply urethane elastomer in a thick, heavy manner that bonds to a steel sealing from moisture and subsequent corrosion


  • Protection from corrosion and weathering
  • Seals off chimes from moisture
  • Well-adhered, long-term protection to preserve your silos
  • Flexible coating material that expands and contracts in all climates
  • Resistance to chemicals and salt
  • UV resistance

WI Bin and Silo Base Sealing

TMI Coatings has coated around the base of silos and bins for numerous Wisconsin facilities.  We have completed projects for Kraft Heinz, Georgia-Pacific, WestRock, Kerry Ingredients, CharterNEX Films, and numerous others.

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