Cargill Pedestrian Deck Restoration

TMI Coatings completed severe restoration of a concrete deck for a major Cargill port facility along the Mississippi River. TMI mechanically abraded loading dock floors and repaired damaged areas prior to installing a cementitious urethane floor topping. TMI used sloping material to reestablish the crown and drainage prior to installing floor topping to two loading dock areas totaling over 3,500 sq. ft. The owners were very pleased with TMI’s work as it addressed their safety concerns. Eric, Maintenance and Reliability Leader stated, “crew was excellent to work with, did not complain and were very professional and hard working. Worked well with us to keep operation running while still performing the work. Final product came out beautiful and addressed our safety concerns. TMI will definitely be invited to do more work in the near future for me”.  The owner also stated his satisfaction with site cleanliness throughout the project.

 Cargill loading dock before TMI Coatings prepared and applied new coating

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Cementitious urethane topping on loading dock along Mississippi River

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