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Case Studies - 04/2016

April 26, 2016

ESD Flooring in Medical Manufacturing Facility

Have you ever dreamed of sliding across your manufacturing facility floor in your socks like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”?  It is very unlikely and this isn’t exactly the same,…

April 13, 2016

2015 Safety Award!

TMI Coatings has worked over 22 months without a lost time injury! All TMI field employees with over 600 hours on April 1, 2016 were eligible for a safety contest. …

April 1, 2016

Office Renovations With TMI CHEM-RESIST Flake Floor

How can an epoxy flooring system help increase light reflectivity and, at the same time, create a decorative look for a professional office space?  TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) recently showed…

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