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Case Studies

Floor and Wall Coating by TMI Coatings in a auto shop.

Floor and Wall Coating

A 6,000 square-foot floor repaired, coated, and walls painted to lighten and brighten a mechanic shop for repairs and for the customer experience. The owner said, "The floor looks exceptional.…

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TMI Coatings worker painting the side of an ammonia tank.

Painting Ammonia Tank

TMI Coatings recently completed a large coating project at an ammonia storage facility in Grand Forks, ND.  The project consisted of a substantial amount of linear footage of variousl sized…

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Tall blue beams stretch as far as the eyes can see into the sky.

Montana Energy Facility

A Montana energy facility requested TMI Coatings to sandblast, prime, and coat steel screens at River Station.  TMI first contained the large screen to reduce the risk of abrasive and…

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