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Agribusiness Industry Leader Floor Resurfacing


A leader in the agribusiness industry contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to fill and recoat cratered flooring in a few areas as it was becoming a safety hazard and difficult to clean. Due to the high temperatures and the crew being required to wear fire-retardant clothing, TMI worked the second and third shifts.


  • Prior to TMI’s arrival, the owner relocated all movable equipment, degreased, washed, thoroughly rinsed the floors, and allowed them to dry.
  • To maintain a reasonable temperature for the crew and materials, a fan and air conditioning units were on to keep the area dry.
  • The existing floor coating was ground down to the sound concrete substrate. Further surface preparation by vacuum steel shot blasting and mechanically abrading with diamond grinders roughen, creating an anchor pattern for new coating adhesion.
  • TMI filled areas where coating/cratered concrete had been removed.
    • Poly-Crete WR and SL was applied to surfaces that required filling.
    • After the mortar was cured, areas were mechanically abraded to knock down imperfections/trowel marks.
  • Joints and cracks were filled, and eroded areas were restored to the surrounding plane using cementitious urethane repair materials.
  • TMI applied Poly-Crete SLB system with Novolac topcoat for slip resistance.


The flooring is now safe and easy to clean and sanitize. Additionally, it is abrasion, chemical, slip, and thermal shock resistant. The process engineer complimented the team saying, “The crew has been great. If the loadout area is anything like the hydro room, everything will be great.”

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