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Airport Oil Containment Restoration Project


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) installed a dike lining for oil containment at an airport. The varying structures including floors, walls, tank pads, and pipes made this project quite complex. TMI devised a plan to install a coating system that would resist chemical spills and provide significant longevity. The clear choice was our popular FIBERLIFE system – a fiberglass-reinforced coating.


  • Prepared surfaces by diamond grinding the floor, walls, piping, and tank pads.
  • Restored & filled all joints and cracks.
  • Further restored eroded areas to the level of the surrounding plane using a mortar filler.
  • Installed the FIBERLIFE system.
  • Completed caulking at all floor/wall junctures for a complete seal.


The durable FIBERLIFE system boasted its ability to be effective in a multitude of application surfaces: floors, walls, junctures, piping, and tanks. FIBERLIFE consists of a fiberglass mat embedded into multiple coats of resin for strength and durability. Furthermore, an additional coat of resin is applied on top of the system to the vertical surfaces to create a seamless, smooth finish that is easy to clean. The floor area received an aggregate broadcast for a non-slip finish. This system will provide resistance to splashes and spills in this fuel-oil containment dike.

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