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Baked Goods Silo Coating Project


The baked goods owner said, “The silos look amazing. We should have done this years ago. I was very impressed with the TMI Coatings crew; great work, but also great communication throughout the project, and they cleaned up after themselves. We have had other messy issues with other contractors, and none of those with TMI Coatings. Please use me as a reference for any of your customers, especially our other locations nationwide.”

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) recently completed a project to paint the exteriors of five silos in Meridian, MS for a baked goods company.  The silos had various issues; two of the silos had extensive corrosion on portions of the shell, two of the silos’ existing coating was very faded and had ambered to a yellow hue, and one of the silos had corrosion, ambering, and the current logo had damage.  TMI was brought in to restore the aesthetics of the silos and to protect the owners’ assets from further damage due to corrosion.


  • TMI pressure washed all five silos’ shells and roofs in their entirety with 4,000 psi pressure washers to remove all dirt, dust and to remove loose and delaminating paint.
  • One large logo that was severely damaged was removed. The logo was a large sticker that had cracked in the sun and started peeling at the edges.  Hand and power tools were used to remove the old logo and adhesive.
  • TMI further mechanically abraded extensively corroded areas with tools to further clean and ensure the substrate was prepared for new coating adhesion.
  • During surface preparation, large holes were identified toward the upper portion of the silo shell. TMI consulted with the owner and recommended bringing in a welder/fabricator to perform metal repairs on areas with excessive corrosion and large holes.
  • TMI worked with the welder/fabricator on site to continue working without interfering with the other trades working in the area.
  • Once welding and surface preparation were completed, TMI applied one full coat of rust-inhibitive epoxy metal primer to prevent corrosion.
  • Next, one full coat of quality topcoat material was applied to all surfaces of the silo exteriors. This topcoat is highly UV stable and will maintain its color and sheen while exposed to the hot Mississippi sun.
  • On three of the silos, TMI applied a urethane elastomer coating to the area where the steel shell met the concrete ground. This waterproof coating system prevents water from seeping under the silo and causing corrosion on the soil-side bottom of the silos.


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