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Bin Painting at a Fortune 500 Company


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was awarded a contract to complete a bin painting project on an 11’ diameter x 62’ high seed dryer bin that was experiencing excessive corrosion.  TMI was not only contracted for the bin painting, but also the painting of handrails, kick plates surrounding the grating, vertical I-beam supports, and connecting steel. The fortune 500 company we were completing this project for is a diverse agricultural company that engages in processing and transporting oil seeds, grain, and other related products. This bin was in desperate need of attention. TMI devised a plan to complete the project on time, safely, and in a quality manner.



  • TMI safely rigged the structure to comply with OSHA rules and regulations.
  • The entire structure was water blasted and further hand tool cleaned to remove loose rust, old paint, and foreign matter.
  • The bin painting was completed with one full coat of Amerlock® II, applied by brush and roller.
  • TMI then applied another full coat of Amercoat™ 450H by brush and roller.
  • The handrails were then coated with federal safety yellow by TMI.
Photo of bin during surface preparation.
Photo of bin during surface preparation.


TMI completed this work safely and in a timely manner. We used a two-coat system that consisted of a low-temperature rust-inhibiting epoxy and urethane topcoat on the bin and structural steel members that will protect the complex from corrosion for years to come and is aesthetically pleasing. Another successful job completed by TMI Coatings.

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