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Boiler Tank Receives Radiant Barrier Insulation


TMI Coatings Inc, (TMI) was contracted to complete restoration on a boiler tank for a regional treatment plant. TMI applied a fluid-applied insulative coating to the exterior of the tank and a cement lining material to the interior of the tank. The tank was severely corroded due to the operating temperature and the tank would occasionally burn a worker. Pair those issues with the existing lining material that was delaminating, a complete rehabilitation was necessary. TMI Coatings devised a plan to eliminate the facilities issues with their boiler tank and make it a safe work environment.

Procedure Exterior:

  • Pressure washed exterior to remove dust, dirt, and other containments. Removed all loose and delaminating material.
  • Power tool cleaned the exterior steel substrate of the tank.
  • Applied suitable primer for marginally prepared surfaces where sandblasting was impractical.
  • Applied the acrylic insulative coating at 40-50 mils thick.
  • Top coated for specialty finish color.

Procedure Interior:

  • Mechanically abraded entire interior to prepare for new lining material.
  • Applied new cement liner at 1/2″-3/4” thick suitable for boiler water.


The result is a boiler tank that is now safe to touch with the new fluid-applied acrylic insulative coating. TMI has successfully applied this material throughout the USA. This coating system is ideal for insulating pipes, tanks, and other substrates where thermal improvement or personnel protection is desired. The fluid-applied acrylic insulation coating will provide protection for all employees and visitors for many years to come. The boiler tank interior also has a durable cement liner suitable for hot temperatures.

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