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Car Washes Receive FIBERLIFE


One? Two? Three? More than 10? Yes, TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) applied FIBERLIFE to more than 10 car washes around the United States. This durable product withstands continuous wash downs and chemicals used in the cleaning process of the car wash. It also holds up against the wet and humid conditions found in car washes, eliminating peeling, and flaking paint.


  • Workers poly-wrapped sensitive equipment that could not be removed and took out fire-resistant protection panels within the carwash.
  • The floors were covered in a poly wrap to protect them from drips before starting work.
  • Surfaces were prepped as needed for caulking and fiberglass repairs. Buzz ground all wooden surfaces and abraded all walls, repair areas, and flooring. The tape was applied for professional transition.
  • Primed with FIBERLIFE resin to within 1” of the windows.
  • Applied the first coat of resin and embedded 1.5oz of mat into the first layer, covered with a second layer to fully saturate the mat and allowed to cure.
  • Sanded surfaces to knock down loose fibers and touch up imperfections. Applied a spot coat to repairs, then flooded with resin to ensure the surface was completely sealed.
  • Applied a final coat of FIBERLIFE resin and wax. Finished is smooth and easy to clean.
  • Installed a cove base flush with the floor and tape line on the concrete floor.
  • Wiped down all surfaces with solvent to remove any dirt, dust, and loose debris.
  • Applied a protective coating to floor/wall juncture for a professional finish.

Photo of a Car Wash before it gets an update


The clients were thrilled with the way the car washes looked and with the professionalism TMI crews displayed. The car washes are back to looking brand new with one of the most highly recommended coatings FIBERLIFE installed to protect it for years to come.

With over 35 years of experience, TMI Coatings will have your project completed on time and within budget. Contact us today at 651-452-6100 for your free, no-obligation quote.


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