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Chemical Company Truck Unload Area Receives FIBERLIFE


A chemical company called on TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore/seal their truck unload containment area. Due to extreme chemical exposure, heavy truck traffic, and the expansion and contraction of the concrete, precise care had to be paid to select a coating suitable for all these factors. Our field technicians were also required to use extreme caution to ensure the highest safety measures were taken when working onsite not to risk exposure or injury due to the chemical environment.


  1. Before we began work, the company thoroughly cleaned and neutralized the containment area and sump pit.
  2. Sensitive equipment identified by the owner was wrapped with poly to protect it during the project.
  3. Daily safety meetings were held in the presence of the owner. Only safety knives approved by the owner were allowed while working on site.
  4. Surfaces were prepped with hand-held diamond grinders with vacuum attachments to collect the dust. All delaminated layers of old coating were removed to ensure the adhesion of subsequent coatings.
  5. Eroded concrete was restored to the surrounding plane using Aerosil thickened vinyl ester and vinyl ester repair mortar.
  6. The area was primed, and then a special fiberglass-reinforced coating with a vinyl ester resin (FIBERLIFE), suitable to stand up against dimethylformamide, Isopar l, Rhodapon, and glycerin, was applied.
  7. A fiberglass mat was embedded into the wet resin and overlapped to ensure the entire area was fully covered.
  8. Another coat of FIBERLIFE, mat, resin, and a final coat is applied to cover all glass fibers. Multiple layers of FIBERLIFE add durability and superior chemical resistance.
  9. The protective coating was finished off with aggregate for slip resistance.


TMI’s FIBERLIFE coating enhances superior chemical resistance and will aid in the extended service life of the truck unload containment area. All safety measures were followed, and the project was finished within the expected timeframe, resulting in satisfactory work completion.

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