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City Bus Terminal


TMI Coatings coated approximately 80,000 square feet of walls in multiple drive through, storage and maintenance rooms in a city bus terminal.  Two colors were chosen to help hide future grime from tires and exhaust on the lower portion of the walls while keeping the upper areas white to brighten the area.  TMI crews have to work diligently to complete each room before moving onto the next to keep the bus terminal running smoothly.  Upon completion of the walls, the flooring crews coat the floors.

Per Ed Yorek, Director of Maintenance, “Guys work like clockwork, flooring and painting.  Nobody ever standing around, everyone here keeps commenting on how well they stay busy and everyone knows their tasks and just does it.  Very impressive.  Excellent crews.  They are deserving of a good word from me.  Everything I have seen so far, I would definitely recommend TMI.”

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