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Clarifier Lining Installed for Food Production Plant


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was recently contracted to install a lining in a large clarifier tank for a food production plant. This project was not only difficult due to the size of the tank, but also because it needed to be completed during a short period – a critical plant shutdown. TMI’s crews worked diligently to install a high-quality coating system with limited plant shutdown time.


  • Completely drained the clarifier tank. Degreased, washed, and scrubbed clean tank interior.
  • Sandblasted the entire tank interior to prepare the steel for the new coating adhesion.
  • Restored the steel substrate – including weld repairs.
  • Applied a clarifier tank lining suitable for constant immersion service where pH levels can reach 12.
  • Force-cured the lining by elevating the tank’s temperature to 140°F to reduce the cure time and put the tank back in service as quickly as possible.


TMI successfully installed this tank lining to the clarifier interior within the limited time constraints. The crew sped up the process by force-curing the lining to bring the tank back into service faster than expected. Force-curing allows the lining to reach its maximum chemical and abrasion resistance without waiting 7 days at 70F. This specific lining system is highly chemical resistant as it can withstand a large range of pH levels even in constant immersion. The owner was quite pleased with TMI’s work. The lining will provide excellent durability and chemical resistance for years to come.  We have completed several projects over the last 20 years at this food plant.

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