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CO2 Blasting in Food Manufacturing Facility


A food manufacturer recently hired TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore one of their facilities and create a safe, sanitary food preparation area with CO2 blasting. The existing coating was peeling and flaking – creating a safety hazard for the plant. TMI took a unique approach to this project. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, and to protect the plant’s equipment, our crew utilizing dry ice or CO2 blasting techniques to remove all the old flaking paint and to prepare the substrate for new coating adhesion.


  • Protected all sensitive equipment from blasting and spraying applicators.
  • Utilized CO2 blasting to clean the ceiling of this facility. The advantage is no electric damage from water blasting and the cleanup is old paint chips only.
  • Applied a unique USDA approved elastomer coating.


CO2 blasting is a unique method to prepare surfaces for new coating adhesion; we use dry ice to remove loose and flaking paint in areas with sensitive equipment as the blasting will not cause any damage on these surfaces. This technique is also environmentally friendly – there are no additional chemicals or abrasives used for cleaning. And there is little to no secondary waste to clean up.

The elastomer coating was the clear choice for this project. This coating system does not peel, chip, or flake – making it the perfect option for food production facilities.

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