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Coffee Manufacturer Building Waterproofing


A coffee manufacturer in Port Allen, LA, encountered a water intrusion issue. One of their buildings allowed unintended moisture into the production area below, causing the potential to disrupt the quality of the product. TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) applied a urethane elastomer coating to the wall/base juncture for a watertight seal. Plus, TMI patched holes in their metal panel walls.


  • TMI washed with care to remove dirt and debris. After cleaning TMI hand/power tool cleaned surfaces to remove the loose coating and material.
  • Around the base of the wall/base junctures, TMI mechanically abraded to create a profile for new coating adhesion.
  • A urethane elastomer coating was then applied approximately 30” up the wall and 6” onto the base surface to ensure a waterproof seal.
  • We patched the holes with epoxy reinforced with layers of mesh and additional epoxy.


The maintenance supervisor of the coffee manufacturer was impressed with the entire process and stated, “The finished product looks very good. Christian and the crew did a very nice job. Additionally, we recently had a rainstorm and no water got into the building.”  Based on TMI’s workmanship, they said they would look at other projects in the future to partner with us.

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