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Concrete Floor Repairs for School Pool Deck and Locker Rooms


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted by a school to complete concrete floor repairs and recoat damaged floors in their locker rooms, entryways, and on the deck around their swimming pool. Years of constant moisture and foot traffic on these floors had significantly damaged the old flooring and made the floor appear quite unappealing. Additionally, the water and chemicals from the pool environment had corroded away the original coatings. These floors were in desperate need of floor repairs. After visiting the site, consulting with the Director of Buildings and Grounds, TMI recommended installing the CHEM-RESIST floor coating in all areas. CHEM-RESIST is known for its excellent durability which made it an appropriate choice for this project.


  • Mechanically abraded all floors and 6” high all perimeter walls with diamond grinders to create an anchor pattern for proper coating adhesion.
  • Properly collected and disposed of all debris in the vacuums caused by surface preparation.
  • Restored eroded areas to the level of the surrounding plane using an epoxy repair mortar mix.
  • Installed the CHEM-RESIST flooring system at a 1/8” thickness to all floors.
  • Installed a termination strip and a 6” high floor cove base in the locker rooms, entryways and around the perimeter of the pool deck.
  • Applied a special topcoat for additional protection due to the chemical environment.
  • Worked carefully with the owner for the desired finish texture for safety and cleanability.


TMI successfully installed the CHEM-RESIST floor coating to multiple areas of this facility. This system consists of a 100% solids epoxy resin with aggregate fillers. This results in a tough, durable floor coating that is suitable for industrial use and high-traffic areas. Unlike other coating systems, CHEM-RESIST does not emit strong odors during application, and it cures quickly. Additionally, this system is also stain-resistant to many chemicals and has excellent color retention. For this project, TMI worked with the owner representatives for the proper non-skid finish texture for bare foot traffic and sanitation. This project was completed safely and on-time.

Name of Job: Berlin Area Schools

Number of Crew Members: 7

Condition & Type of Substrate: Damaged concrete due to the environment

Problem: Damaged concrete in locker rooms, entryways, and around the pool deck of the swimming pool.

Solution: Restored the underlying concrete substrate and installed our CHEM-RESIST system that provides excellent durability and slip resistance for safety.

Materials Used: CHEM-RESIST

Goals: Safety, Quality, & On-time!

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