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Concrete Wall Coating for Cheese Cooperative


A large cheese cooperative contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to perform concrete wall coating. It was essential to the cooperative to continue producing while TMI was working on the wall. The concrete wall had eroded from daily use of harsh chemicals, and the sealant previously had not held up as the customer thought it would. TMI used FIBERLIFE because it is food-grade approved and has had success in other food processing facilities. This fiberglass-reinforced coating would improve the longevity of the factory concrete wall.


  • TMI hung a poly curtain to keep production separate from the coating project.
  • Next, we cleaned and roughened the surface to prepare new coating adhesion. Used electric hand-held diamond grinders with vacuum to mechanically abrade all substrates. (Completed all on one day.)
  • Restored to surrounding plane and routed out failed sealant.
  • We installed a new sealant.
  • Taped off sealant, so we didn’t coat over it.
  • Coating application:
    • We applied FIBERLIFE, consisting of a fiberglass-reinforced coating with an industrial resin.
    • Next, we applied resin and immediately embedded fiberglass mat reinforcement into the wet coating. We overlapped the edges of the mat. 
    • We then applied an additional coat of resin and allowed it to cure.
    • Sanded down bumps and other imperfections used vacuum attachments. Spot repaired as needed with resin, glass, and resin patches.
    • Finally, we applied a topcoat of resin for long-term protection.


The customer was satisfied with TMI Coatings’ professionalism and our ability to work without interfering with production. The concrete wall restoration project was successful. The wall is now better than ever with its FIBERLIFE coating making it chip, peel, and flake resistant while withstanding constant wet and humid environments. The project was completed on time and safely for both our workers and the production line workers.

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