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Containment Dike Joint Sealing


After the containment dike restoration project, Ben Nesseth of McCormick Construction said, “I think everything went well. Your guys did a great job.”

A chemical manufacturer utilizes containment dikes to hold spills and excess liquids in their facility. However, over time the joints of the containment dikes were weakening and showing signs of deterioration. TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was asked to restore the containment dike joints. Failing joints create a hazardous risk for the company and their employees. The containment dikes hold potentially harmful chemicals, so it is important to ensure the dikes can contain the liquids in case of an emergency of a spill or pipe/tank rupture.


  • Routed out all joints to remove dirt, debris, and contaminants from the expansion/contraction joints.
  • Installed a backer rod.
  • Primed with Synthacalk P53 primer to ensure adhesion of the new sealant.
  • Applied Polysulfide Sealant to expansion/contraction joints and tooled per industry standards to all designated areas.


The containment dike joints were properly filled to seal and contain all spills. After preparing the surface, backer rod was used to fill the void. The primer and sealant coat cured together within the joint to add durability and resistance against chemicals. Any spills or overflow will be safely contained within the dikes. TMI was able to complete this project very quickly – per the customer’s request.

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