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Containment Dikes Coated in St. Paul and Houston


A manufacturer and distributor of water treatment chemicals requested TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) line their secondary containment dikes in St. Paul and Houston. The containment areas store harsh chemicals such as hydrofluorosilicic acid, caustic soda liquid, sodium hydroxide, and other chemicals. TMI high pressure washed the entire containment area to remove chemical residue that may have been absorbed into the concrete. TMI then mechanically abraded the floor and walls to clean and roughen to create an anchor pattern for long-term adhesion of the lining material. Severely cracked and eroded areas were restored to the surrounding plane. TMI then installed FIBERLIFE, a vinyl ester, chemical resistant primer, and multiple coats of vinyl ester resin with mat/aggregate fillers at an average 1/8″ thickness. FIBERLIFE is suitable for splash and spill of harsh chemicals. The customer at the St. Paul location stated, “The crew worked very well with our coordinator for the execution of this project.”  The customer said he would use TMI to install protective coatings at their other locations.

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