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Containment Dikes Lined by TMI Coatings


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was hired to line three containment dikes to contain liquids in the event of a petroleum spill or tank rupture. Safety is of utmost importance to gas companies. This gas company has some of the highest standards of safety of assets.


  • The containment dikes were rinsed clean and dry.
  • TMI mechanically abraded each containment dike to clean and roughen the surface, creating an anchor pattern for new coating adhesion. All debris from surface preparation was disposed of per the Department of Natural Resources.
  • Then TMI applied a primer before installing the FIBERLIFE coating system.
    • Applied vinyl ester resin and embedded fiberglass mat into the resin, overlapped seams and allowed to cure.
    • Applied an additional coat of resin and let dry.
    • Applied a second coat of fiberglass mat into the wet resin, overlapped seams, and allowed to cure.
    • We applied a final coat of resin with broadcasted aggregate for a non-slip finish.


FIBERLIFE has proven time and time again to be a long-term coating for containments, walls, and floors. We have the expertise, knowledge, and ability to complete your project on time, safely, and in a quality manner. Per the facility engineer, Amanda Clark, it “looks really good, and we may have additional work for TMI Coatings.”

With over 35 years of experience, TMI Coatings will have your project completed on time and within budget. Contact us today at 651-452-6100 for your free, no-obligation quote.

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