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Cooling Tower Basin Restoration and Lining


Years of abuse and chemicals used in treat the water led the concrete in the massive cooling tower to degrade. Concrete is a naturally porous substrate, without protecting it it is susceptible to erosion and degradation. TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) completed extensive restoration to this concrete cooling tower basin at an oilseed processing plant.


  • To restore this severely eroded basin TMI removed loose and hollow concrete with chipping hammers, hand grinders and other mechanical means.
  • The crew then pressure washed the areas to remove the remaining dirt, debris and foreign containments.
  • Forms were installed by TMI for concrete restoration.
  • The exposed concrete areas were dampened with water to allow a thin scrub coat to be applied, followed immediately by patching and filling with new concrete formed to the original plane using MasterEmaco.
  • After the new mortar cured it was primed and coated using a urethane elastomer at 60 mils dry film thickness.


Due to the extensive restoration that was needed to restore the cooling tower basin, the crew worked overtime. The CHS site contact noted, “Everything looks really good. Aside from the additional restoration/cleaning work, everything went well with the project.” Another successful project completed by TMI safely and on time.

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