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Corrosion Protection on Structural Steel by TMI Coatings


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) received a contract to sandblast and coat structural steel supports at a salt ingredient supplier. Salty environments can cause steel to corrode more quickly if not protected properly. TMI crews applied a robust three-coat protective coating system to the steel and prepared the surface in additional ways. First, TMI power washed the structural steel with a minimum of 4,000 PSI pressure washers using water and an additive to remove salt residue. TMI then sandblasted the steel to SSPC-SP6 Commercial Blast to create an anchor pattern for the coating system.

TMI applied a primer, intermediate, and topcoat to the structural steel to protect it in the salty environment. The prime coat was a zinc-rich coating. Zinc-rich coatings provide cathodic/sacrificial protection to the carbon steel below. This primer also forms an inorganic barrier to moisture and solvents. A high-solids epoxy was applied as an intermediate coat followed by a high solids acrylic polyurethane for the coat finish coat. The final coat is great for durability, color stability, and UV resistance.

When asked about the project, the customer said that the quality looked good. About the TMI crew, the customer said that the crew was safety-focused, friendly, easy to work with, and did a great job.

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