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Corrosion-Protective Tank Lining


A food processing and manufacturing plant requested TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to line the interior of their dissolved air flotation (DAF) tank. The DAF tank is used in their water treatment process to break down wastewater by the removal of suspended matter such as oil and solids. The wastewater is corrosive and thus the steel tank must be protected. This wastewater had slowly caused the steel to develop corrosion. Rust and pits in the tank were beginning to appear. TMI worked safely and promptly to restore the steel tank and reduce corrosive chemicals from causing more issues.


  • Poly-wrapped nearby sensitive equipment for protection during the project
  • Contained the entire work site area to minimize dust during surface preparation
  • Sandblasted the entire tank to prepare surfaces for new coating adhesion
  • Collected and properly disposed of spent abrasives from sandblasting
  • Further prepared surfaces using hand-held tools to clean difficult to access areas
  • Primed tank interior
  • Installed a new tank lining with excellent resistance to corrosion and harmful chemicals


TMI Coatings completely restored the steel tank to its original condition. The tank lining installed, a Tnemec Series solution, is known for its superior chemical and abrasion resistance. The coatings bond tenaciously to the steel creating a complete water and chemical resistant barrier. This barrier will help keep the tank from corroding, and will extend its longevity. The customer was very happy with TMI’s workmanship and the timely project turnaround. They particularly appreciated how this project did not interfere with any of the plant’s operations. This project was completed safely and on-time.

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