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Elastomeric Coating for Food Production Plant


A food processing plant contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to install new coatings on the ceiling of one of their facilities. Because of the proximity to food products, peeling paint was not acceptable in the plant. TMI recommended our fiber-reinforced elastomeric ceiling coating. It is commonly used in food processing plants because it does not chip, peel, or flake like common paint. TMI prepared the ceiling surface before applying the elastomeric coating to create a much stronger bond.


  • TMI pressure washed the ceiling to remove old peeling paint, dust, dirt, and other contaminants in the food preparation area.
  • Further abraded to create an anchor pattern for coating adhesion.
  • Applied our USDA approved elastomeric coating system to the ceiling.


TMI Coatings chose to install the elastomeric coatings because it will not chip, peel, or flake. Also, it is USDA approved and thus a perfect option for application when incidental food contact is likely to occur. TMI has installed this system in many different food processing facilities with great success. Our elastomeric product is applied in a thick film manner to create a uniform finish and an aesthetically pleasing look. This project was completed safely and on-time.

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