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Enhancing Safety and Protection: Spray Fireproofing at Great Wolf Lodge


In the quest to prioritize safety and protect vital structural components, Great Wolf Lodge undertook a crucial spray fireproofing project. This blog will provide an overview of the project details, including job location, materials, and the scope of work involved. Let’s dive in and explore the steps taken to ensure the beam’s longevity and safety.

Job Location:

Great Wolf Lodge in Bloomington, Minnesota was the site that received the benefits of spray fireproofing. The lodge is located near the Mall of America.

Starting and Completion Dates:

The spray fireproofing project was scheduled months ahead of time to take place during a critical shut-down period to guarantee a safe working environment.

Description of Work:

The spray fireproofing project primarily focused on the application of structural steel coating and fireproofing. Two specific beams were included in the project:

An 80′ long beam: The existing fireproofing was removed by TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to address underlying corrosion. And a 30′ long x 1′ wide x 18″ high beam: This beam had epoxy coating applied to ensure its protection without requiring fireproofing.

Scope of Work:

To successfully carry out the spray fireproofing project, the following steps were followed:

Pool Drainage: The pool was drained to facilitate work completion during the water park shutdown.

Access: TMI brought in a lift through the existing doors, with the center strip on the doors removed for effortless movement.

Existing Fireproofing Removal: TMI removed the existing fireproofing on the 80′ long beam to investigate and address corrosion.

Surface Preparation: Mechanical abrasion by needle guns and diamond grinders was carried out to eliminate corrosion and prepare the beam’s surface for better coating adhesion.

New Coating Application: a fast-cure epoxy mastic primer was applied at a rate of 120-190 sq. ft./gallon (5-10 mils DFT) before the fireproofing.

Materials Required: The following materials were used for the spray fireproofing project: CAFCO Bond Seal Type EBS and CAFCO 400.


The spray fireproofing project at Great Wolf Lodge showcases a commitment to safety and protection. With diligent and thorough steps taken by the TMI team, the beams above River Canyon Run will be shielded from potential fire hazards and corrosion ensuring a safe environment for all. By deploying top-quality materials and adhering to a comprehensive scope of work, this project aims to provide long-lasting protection for the lodge’s essential structural components.

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