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Eroded Flooring Requires TMI Coatings Assistance


A large packing corporation reached out to TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) for help with their eroded flooring. The flooring became impossible to clean and a safety hazard for the workers. Due to the job nature of the company, TMI suggested the application of our cementitious urethane floor finish as this product will provide a protective coating that will keep the concrete preserved and beautiful for a long time to come. A major challenge of the project was the eroded flooring was in a 100+° F room in the middle of their massive plant. The heat caused our coating to set exponentially faster than at 70° F. Our crew worked tirelessly to complete the work safely and in a quality manner.


Masks and fire-retardant clothing were required while working on this job. Along with the extra safety equipment, our men sat through an hour-long safety video to ensure safe working practices during the job.

  • TMI mechanically abraded the floors with diamond grinders to clean and roughen the floor, which creates an anchor for adhesion. We removed delaminating flooring for adhesion purposes.
  • We then restored the eroding parts (missing mortar areas) to the surrounding floor plane.
  • Next, we applied cementitious urethane then added aggregate. Aggregate provides a non-slip finish to the floor, reducing the risk of slipping.
  • Lastly, we applied the top coat color to the cementitious urethane for color stability.
  • After the floor was dry, we completed all QC necessary and cleaned up the work area.


The packing company was very happy with how timely and professional TMI’s employees were. And our employees mentioned how proud they were of the floor because working in masks and fire-retardant gear was uncomfortable with such high temperatures in the plant they were working. This level of commitment to ensuring all employees are safe and well is the company’s culture and its’ future.

With over 35 years of experience, TMI Coatings will have your project completed on time and within budget. Contact us today at 651-452-6100 for your free, no-obligation quote.


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