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FIBERLIFE for Caustic Storage Containment Dike


TMI Coatings Inc. (TMI) was contracted by a zinc-plating manufacturer to repair their containment dikes. This containment area holds tanks storing sodium hydroxide, a corrosive crystalline material commonly called caustic soda. If not properly contained, these chemicals can cause harm to the environment. TMI’s goal was to create a safe environment for the manufacturer by repairing the damaged areas of the containment dike which included: the floor and walls as well as install a new protective lining. Our team recommended FIBERLIFE, our fiberglass-reinforced lining system due to its advanced chemical protection against harmful chemicals.


  • Poly-wrapped sensitive equipment and perimeter of the work area to protect vulnerable equipment.
  • Abraded 100% of the area with mechanical tools with vacuum attachments to remove loose, existing coating and to create a suitable profile for proper coating adhesion.
  • Restored eroded concrete and filled bug-holes and irregularities in the existing concrete walls to the surrounding area.
  • Installed FIBERLIFE:
    • Applied vinyl ester resin and embedded fiberglass mat into the vinyl ester.
    • Applied an additional coat of vinyl ester resin and let dry.
    • Applied an additional layer mat and resin.
    • Applied a final coat of resin.


FIBERLIFE is a fiberglass-reinforced coating system that can be applied to walls, ceilings, floors, tanks, and more. It has excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals which makes it an effective lining for containment dikes like this one.

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