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FIBERLIFE Installation at Rendering Facility


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) has completed numerous FIBERLIFE projects at rendering facilities. Because rendering plants process dead animal carcasses, their environment is gross. One such project was in the cook rooms of a rendering facility in Wisconsin. TMI prepared and coated the walls up to 7’ high with FIBERLIFE because it is a highly durable, chemically-resistant wall coating. FIBERLIFE is a fiberglass reinforced coating; we embed the fiberglass mat into a chemically-resistant resin. The edges of the fiberglass mat are overlapped to ensure that the entire area is fully glassed out. Additionally, a top coat of polyester resin was applied in this application to create a UV-resistant finish.

Surface preparation is key to ensuring the longevity of the FIBERLIFE coating. After the surface is clean and grease-free, we prepare the surface by mechanically abrading areas to create an anchor pattern for the new coating adhesion. Also included in this project was restoring areas of the wall before applying the FIBERLIFE coating. TMI used a cement-based mortar mixture specifically designed for vertical surfaces to restore eroded areas to the surrounding plane. Not only are the walls easier to clean, but the substrate is protected thanks to the FIBERLIFE coating.

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