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Film Packaging Company Reduces Corrosion on Metal Silos and Waterproofs Chime


Upon TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) completion of work Mark Laughlin, the film packaging company representative said, “It seemed to go really well. It was a good crew.” TMI, a painting and restoration contractor was contacted by North America’s leading producer of film packaging to restore seven of their silos that were in rough shape. The silos were dirty and faded from exposure to the sun and experiencing corrosion. TMI suggested using an epoxy/urethane paint system, which would restore the silos and keep them protected in the long run.



  • Wrapped machinery and objects surrounding the silos to keep them protected.
  • Pressure-washed the silos at 4,000 psi with rotating tips to remove the old coating and dirt. Further abraded corroded areas with diamond grinders to ensure a better bond and that the old coating was entirely removed.
  • Chime- Applied an epoxy primer around the skirt of the silos that went up a foot over the chime and brackets. Applied two full coats of urethane elastomer to the concrete base juncture one foot high on the tank and one foot wide onto concrete to waterproof the area.
  • The exterior of the tanks- Primed with an epoxy rust-inhibiting primer by brush and roller.
  • TMI top-coated the seven tanks with a polyurethane topcoat for increased UV resistance to keep the tanks protected for many years to come.

Film Packaging Plant waterproofs chime of metal silos


The company was impressed with the professionalism and efficiency that TMI’s team showed, along with the attention to detail required for this specific project to be completed properly. The silos look better than ever, and the protective coating will keep corrosion away and the silos looking new longer.

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