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Fixing a Leaky Corrugated Metal Roof


An energy company hired TMI Coatings to repair the corrugated metal roof of their shop building that was experiencing leaking problems. TMI cleaned the roof and then replaced all missing fasteners and resecured remaining fasteners on the roof. A urethane elastomer coating was applied to all seams and around all penetrations to provide a waterproof seal. To complete the project, TMI applied an asphalt-based aluminum roof coating over the entire roof including all seams. TMI was able to offer a multiple year rustproof, waterproof warranty.

While on-site repairing the roof, TMI was able to improve the appearance of the exterior of a building. TMI prepared the surfaces of the corrugated metal siding, window trim, and doors, then applied two full coats of a coating designed for metal surfaces. The owner was pleased with TMI for fixing the water leaks in the roof as well as improving the aesthetics of the building. “After TMI’s roof repair all leaks have stopped, the building looks like new after being repainted. We are very happy with both projects.”

Surface preparation on building roof

In process, painting building

Coated roof and painted building

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