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Flint Hills Resources Containment Dikes

Flint Hills Resources a producer of a diverse range of fuels, and ingredient products for many household goods requested TMI Coatings line the interior of their concrete containment dikes.  The containment dikes needed a lining system that would withstand oil, caustic soda, diesel #2, HCL, Jet A fuel oil and an emulsifier/water solution.  TMI FIBERLIFEconsisting of a vinyl ester resin with mat reinforcement at an average of 1/8″ thick was applied on the floors and walls of the dikes.  TMI prepared the surfaces by pressure washing/mechanically abrading; TMI had to use intrinsic tools (non-sparkling) to complete the surface preparation.  Eroded areas, cracks and divots were restored to the surrounding plane prior to installing the vinyl ester lining system.  TMI completed this project in two mobilizations at the customer’s request and work was completed in a professional manner in accordance with industry standards.

TMI painter lets paint drip from his roller brush while working on a dike

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