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Food Plant: Lead-Based Paint Removal by TMI Coatings


A food plant was experiencing chipping and peeling lead-based paint, which was causing a safety hazard. As a result, the food plant hired TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to remove the lead-based paint safely.

For over 35 years, TMI Coatings has safely removed or encapsulated lead-based paint. Lead is a highly toxic substance that causes serious health problems when consumed. When consumed, lead damages the brain, organs, and can lead to cancer. It is important to keep your employees and others safe by removing or encapsulating lead-based paint. We are here to help.


  • TMI hung poly over doors and the perimeter of the work area to contain air borne dust and collect lead paint chips.
  • Prepared surfaces for adhesion by scraping and vacuuming all designated areas using proper PPE. Removed all loose and flaking paint and encapsulated the remaining lead-based paint on the block walls and wooden ceiling inside the large food plant utilizing mechanical tools with HEPA vacuums for collection.
  • Installed the FIBERLIFE system consisting of a food grade resin with mat reinforcement.
  • Applied a polyurethane enamel topcoat to reduce ambering or yellowing.


The FIBERLIFE system has been applied at many food plants and has been extremely successful. The coating is designed for food plants. Furthermore, the system encapsulates the previous coating. Due to our experienced staff, no one in the plant will come into contact with lead-based paint anymore. Additionally, this project was scheduled during a critical plant shutdown and completed within the timeframe requested by the customer. Our crews receive specific training for working around lead. We can keep you and your facilities safe.

With 25 years of experience, TMI Coatings will have your project completed on time and within budget. Contact us today at 651-452-6100 for your free, no obligation quote.

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