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Freezer Floor Repair at Food Manufacturing Plant


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was hired to repair a freezer floor at a food manufacturer in Tulsa, OK. The customer said that the job went smoothly and that TMI was very professional. He appreciated how the TMI crew operated-—TMI was conscious of the workers in the plant and did a great job ventilating the area. The project needed to be well coordinated in advance due to the limited number of days the freezer could be out of operation. The customer was impressed with the TMI office’s coordination and the timely work done by the TMI crew.


In order to repair the freezer floor successfully, the temperature in the freezer was raised to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and any residual ice and snow built-up were removed. TMI prepared the surface of the freezer floor for new coating adhesion using hand-held diamond grinders with vacuum attachments. TMI then applied a durable protective coating material suitable for use in a freezer environment.


The food-grade approved resin coatings and fiberglass mat cure together for strength and durability. This product will not peel or flake under freezing conditions. Furthermore, the final coat provided a seal coat for easier cleaning. FIBERLIFE is a great choice for a variety of flooring installations due to its strong resistance against chemical spills and abrasions.

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