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Full Tank Rehabilitation by TMI Coatings


After completion of tank rehabilitation project, the Mechanical Integrity Leader claimed, “The tank is in service and we like how the job turned out.  We feel like it should be able to operate free of problems for many years.”

A large pulp and paper company with over 30,000 employees contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to fully restore, recoat, and seal a large boiler water tank at one of their facilities. The tank was showing extreme signs of corrosion on both the interior and exterior. Furthermore, deterioration at the base of the tank required a new steel tank bottom be installed. TMI was asked to undertake the tank rehabilitation portion of the project tank after the metal repairs were done.


  • Installed a dust collection/suppression system at the top of the tank to prevent any dust, dirt, or contaminants from escaping.
  • Set up a temporary heating system to maintain appropriate temperatures needed for coating due to cold temperatures in December.
  • Rigid scaffold was set up and proper ventilation employed.
  • Removed existing 1/8” – 3/16” thick built-up cementitious material utilizing 17 lb. chipping hammers.
  • Prepared tank interior by sandblasting to SSPC-SP10 Near White Metal Blast and vacuumed out all abrasive with a Hurricane 500 Industrial Vacuum and disposed of all debris in owner containers.
  • Stripe coated welds and applied two coats Plasite 7159.
  • Force-cured to increase lining durability, reduce downtime, and increase chemical resistance.
  • Installed a backer rod at the shell/foundation juncture for additional support.
    • Applied two coats of urethane elastomer to ensure the base was completely sealed.


Safety was of utmost importance to the company as they had reached one million hours with zero lost time incidents in six locations in the U.S. After setting up safety measures to prevent the release of any airborne contaminants, and for safe entry in the confined space TMI worked on chipping off the built-up old tank lining. Then the entire tank was sandblasted in preparation for the new coating system. A multi-coat tank lining system was installed to offer protection against chemicals and corrosion. A temporary heating system was used to force-cure this coating system for durability and longevity. Finally, TMI strengthened the base of the tank floor/wall juncture by installing backer rod and multiple coats elastomer to completely seal the tank base to reduce corrosion for years to come.

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