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Guymon, OK Warehouse Roof Coating Project


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) completed a roof coating project on a sloped warehouse roof for a large agricultural company in Guymon, OK. One half of the warehouse roof was built with metal and the other half with a composite material. Both types of construction materials were leaking, and TMI had a solution for them.


  • TMI relocated vehicles and materials to reduce overspray risk.
  • Next, TMI pressure washed to remove dirt, debris, and other foreign matter. All of the waste created was collected and disposed of properly.
  • TMI secured all loose fasteners and replaced any that were missing. We also repaired any large holes with new sheet metal.
  • Finally, TMI sealed the roof.
    • On all seams and around penetrations (curbs, vents, stacks, etc.), seam sealer was applied by brush and roller, this thoroughly seals the gaps. In gaps larger than 1/8″, scrim cloth was embedded into the wet material.
    • One full coat of an asphalt-based aluminum coating was applied at the manufacturers’ recommended thickness.


This roof coating system comes with a waterproof and rust warranty.

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