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High-Temperature Industrial Painting


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) has over 35 years in industrial painting and has completed more than 6,000 projects. TMI was contracted to restore a smokestack that was exhibiting corrosion and needed protection; the existing paint contained lead-based paint, a hazardous material.


  • Removed rust, corrosion, and existing lead-based paint to ensure the safest conditions moving forward. Followed OHSA and Minnesota Pollution Control’s regulations when removing lead-based paint.
  • Pressure washed entire structure with Chlor-Rid, an industrial-strength decontaminator and soluble salt remover, to create a suitable surface for higher coating performance.
  • Followed SSPC and OSHA requirements for power tool cleaning with HEPA filters.
  • Applied Hi-Temp primer, followed by Hi-Temp top coat to all surfaces.


Stacks can reach several hundred degrees, so most coatings are not suitable for these structures as they will simply burn off and cause more problems. This specific coating system is designed for areas that are constantly subjected to high temperatures. With the new system, this power plant can safely continue to operate while knowing their structures are protected.

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Photo of Stack in Progress


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