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High Temperature Sprayed-In-Place Urethane Foam Insulation


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was recently contracted to remove and replace 100% of failed existing sprayed-in-place urethane foam insulation on two sides of a large concrete building. The previous system was found to have failed due to higher than average substrate temperatures for what a standard sprayed-in-place urethane foam insulation can withstand. The existing insulation system had been in place for approximately 10 years but was beginning to fail due to the 200°F+ substrate temperatures. After the foam insulation was removed, a moisture tolerant urethane primer was installed to the bare concrete substrate. This primer soaks deep into the pores and recesses of the concrete to thoroughly seal to minimize future outgassing and to ensure proper adhesion of the newly applied sprayed-in-place foam insulation. An average of 3” of a high temperature sprayed-in-place foam insulation was then applied to the 5,000 sq. ft. of concrete surfaces. This high temperature insulation is suitable for and will withstand intermittent temperatures in excess of 300°F. A top coat of a silicone protective coating was then installed over the new sprayed-in-place foam insulation to further seal and protect the foam from UV degradation.


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