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IMP Panels Receive Restoration at a Meat Plant


HEB, one of the largest food chain grocer companies in the United States contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to coat their IMP panels on their ceilings and walls in a meat production facility hallway in San Antonio, Texas.

The IMP panels on the walls were coated with a fiber-filled elastomeric coating that is a USDA approved product for incidental food contact. Upon initial visit to the site, it was apparent old paint previously applied to the IMP panels was flaking and peeling. The objective for TMI was to remove all loose paint and apply a new protective coating that encapsulated the IMP panels including overlaps and fasteners to prevent any further flaking paint and moisture from getting behind the panels.

This project included restoring and coating the ceiling corrosion filled panels with a rust-inhibitive USDA suitable epoxy coating.


  • Prepared all surfaces by Co2 blasting. After Co2 blasting, we performed additional surface preparation including power tool abrading with vacuum shrouded tools to remove rust or loose/delaminating existing coating.
  • On the walls:
    • Spot primed rusty steel fasteners, brackets, etc.
    • Applied 2 full coats of fiber-filled elastomeric coating material.
  • On the ceiling:
    • Applied 2 full coats USDA suitable epoxy coating material. 


TMI Coatings successfully restored the ceiling and walls at this meat plant. The TMI crew members used various methods to create an ideal surface for adhesion of the protective coating. After surface preparation was completed, TMI applied 2 full coats of USDA suitable coating material to the ceiling and walls. Todd Polson, the Senior Technology Leader, was very complimentary of the TMI crew for their safety and quality. Todd was very pleased with TMI’s work as it addressed HEB’s flaking paint concerns.  The owner also stated his satisfaction with the site cleanliness throughout the project, that the work was done efficiently, and was aesthetically pleasing.

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