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Installing CHEM-RESIST at a Water Treatment Plant


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted by a Water Treatment Plant to restore flooring throughout their facility with CHEM-RESIST. Years of heavy traffic, machinery, and chemical exposure had caused erosion to the concrete floors. Deterioration was visible and the owner was looking for a solution. TMI recommended our CHEM-RESIST flooring product. Our goal for this project was to restore the facility’s floors, install protective coatings, and create a safer working environment for the plant’s employees.


  • Removed all loose and delaminating flooring.
  • Mechanically abraded floors with diamond grinders to roughen and create an anchor pattern for better coating adhesion.
  • Disposed of all debris caused from surface preparation.
  • Restored eroded areas to the level of the surrounding plane.
  • Applied an epoxy mortar repair mix to the bare concrete as a primer.
  • Installed the CHEM-RESIST coating system to the entire floor.


The CHEM-RESIST coating system was chosen for this facility due to its excellent durability. CHEM-RESIST is a 100% solids epoxy coating. It performs very well in industrial applications or high traffic environments such as this one. The customer may choose from a variety of colors – all of which have very good color retention over time. During application, this system does not emit strong odors, and cures quickly to reduce facility downtime. A few years after installation, TMI visited the site. As predicted, the CHEM-RESIST flooring had held up exceptionally well, and was aesthetically pleasing.

Name of Job: City of International Falls

Number of Crew Members: 3

Condition & Type of Substrate: Concrete

Problem: Deteriorated floors throughout their entire facility.

Solution: Improved the safety, visibility, and overall condition of the floor in this facility through surface preparation and high-performance coatings

Materials Used: CHEM-RESIST

Goals: Safety, Quality, & On-time!

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