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Installing CHEM-RESIST for an Animal Health Company


A global animal health company contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore and recoat a flooring area in one of their facilities with CHEM-RESIST. The current flooring had deteriorated significantly over time. The concrete had developed cracks, and the coating was visibly unappealing. The floor was in rough shape. To restore the floor correctly, we spent a lot of time on surface preparation to create the strongest bond possible between the concrete and the new coating. The company manufactures animal health products which involves the use of food processing material. Because of this, TMI Coatings recommended our CHEM-RESIST flooring solution. This coating system provides strong durability, color retention, and is USDA approved for use in food processing facilities. TMI has installed CHEM-RESIST in many other food processing facilities with great success.


  • Mechanically abraded floors with diamond grinders with vacuum attachments to create an anchor pattern for the new coating adhesion, removed all existing loose and delaminating material from the floor
  • Properly disposed of all debris caused from surface preparation
  • Restored eroded areas to the surrounding plane
  • Applied the CHEM-RESIST flooring system to all areas


CHEM-RESIST epoxy flooring provides protection for your floor from light to heavy traffic. It bonds tenaciously to concrete floors. This system is commonly used in industrial applications because of its advanced durability. The glossy finish can be applied in a variety of colors with very good color stability. This system is seamlessly applied to provide an easy-to-clean surface. The 100% solids coating does not emit any odors during application, and cures quickly. Additionally, CHEM-RESIST is USDA approved for use in food environments – making it the perfect application in food processing plants like this one. For additional safety, an aggregate can be applied for a slip-resistant finish. This project was completed safely and on-time.


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