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Interior Tank Inspection and Repairs


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted to complete a tank inspection on three tank interiors and coat several steel floor patch plates for an international ground and cargo airport fuel service company. These periodic tank inspections are vital; they not only preserve the life of the coatings but also point out potential flaws and can minimize expenses and downtime.

Tank Inspection phase:

  • The owner drained, rinsed, opened manways, and allowed TMI complete access throughout the project.
  • TMI’s NACE Level III inspector visually inspected the tank’s interior floor and bottom 3′ of shell plates and performed non-destructive coatings thickness measurements.
  • A written report was then presented to the owner documenting the coating conditions and any failures and/or corrosion found.

Interior Coating phase:

  • TMI used power tools to prepare the area to SSPC-SP 11 specifications – cleaning to bare metal.
  • A dual-action sander with 60 grit sandpaper was used to create a 2-4 mil profile and prepared the surface for coating adherence.
  • TMI applied one full coat of PPG Amercoat 240 in a total of 12 mils DFT.
  • Heat lamps were installed to aid in curing.


The owner was able to return the tanks to service within their allotted inspection intervals. TMI’s NACE Level III Inspector prepared the tank inspection reports to offer future recommendations for coating service to maintain the tanks for years to come appropriately. And the services TMI provided will delay the need for tank coatings for continued service to the local international airport.

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