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Leaking Issue at an Ingredient Manufacturer


A global ingredient manufacturer recently had water leaking through the walls of the big house which leaked into office and production areas below. The manufacturer contacted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to complete restoration and fix the leaking issue. Wind driven rain would leak through both concrete blocks and the juncture between the metal paneling and the concrete blocks on the lower part of the building.


  • TMI’s field men mechanically abraded both the concrete block and corrugated metal paneling to prepare the surfaces for new coating adhesion.
  • A bonding primer was applied to promote long-term adhesion.
  • A black urethane elastomer coating was trowel applied to both the concrete and the metal.


TMI was able to fix the leaking issue for the ingredient manufacturer during the peak of the Coronavirus with little disturbance to production. The coating seals any cracks, gaps, and other areas where moisture could leak into the building. The urethane elastomer expands and contracts and will not crack, chip, or peel due to temperature changes. It was important to mitigate the leaking and waterproof the surfaces to prevent future water intrusion.  The contact stated that “the project turned out well. No issues with the crew.  They were outside so had free access to get the project done, everything looks good.”

TMI Coatings Waterproofing Coating

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