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Lining a Fructose Tank for Food Safety in Texas


Food safety is a high priority for food companies; Best Maid hired TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to line the interior of their fructose tank. Over time, the existing coating in the tank had started to fail, which put the fructose at risk of contamination. After receiving the order, TMI assembled a team, acquired the recommended tank lining product suitable for the environment, and was on-site to reline the tank.


  1. TMI’s crew members abided by all OSHA regulations and the site-specific safety requirements like confined space entry, testing the air, lockout/tag-out, safety vests, hair/beard nets, and masks throughout the project.
  2. TMI pre-baked the tank to remove contaminates.
  3. We sandblasted the interior of the tank to SSPC-SP10 Near White Metal Blast with a 2 – 3.5 mil profile.
  4. The crew utilized surface replica tape to verify the surface profile created while sandblasting.
  5. We stripe coated all welds, seams, and surface irregularities with an FDA-approved product.
  6. After the stripe coat dried, we applied two more coats of the FDA-approved epoxy tank lining to the entire tank at the recommended DFT per the manufacturer’s requirements.
  7. After quality control, we force cured the tank for food-grade immersion service.


Another tank lining project was completed by TMI Coatings, ensuring food safety for our customers. TMI completed this work safely, correctly, and on time. The Best Maid representative, Chris Witt, stated, “I was happy with the overall project and the timely manner in which they completed it.”

You can inquire about Tank Lining and Silo Painting in Dallax, TX here.

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