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Lining Above-Ground Digestors for Global Gas Company


In the fall of 2022, TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was called to a farm in Northwest IA. One of the world’s largest oil and gas companies was installing new above-ground digestors to hold cow manure. The general contractor needed help with keeping water in the tanks. The tanks must pass their 14-day water hold test to be in service. After nine months of working with the general contractor, TMI received three contracts to line the interior of above-ground digestors. In June 2023, TMI mobilized to the dairy farms to tackle the complex projects.

The team familiarized themselves with the project details on the way to the site. The main task at hand was tank lining, specifically the floor and up the walls of a large tank. The north tank, measuring 95 feet in diameter and 54 feet high, had steel walls and a significant sloped concrete floor. The project also involved encasing approximately 60 pedestals and intrusions on the floor. The total square footage of the tank lining project was 10,900 square feet.

Before beginning work, the owner thoroughly cleaned the tank interior to ensure all surfaces were free of residual products and contaminants. It was crucial for TMI Coatings to have open access to the tank throughout the project.

In addition, the owner needed to remove all water from the tank and ensure it was completely dry. Any sensitive equipment in the tank had to be poly-wrapped or covered to protect it. The confined space required TMI to follow strict procedures, including air monitoring and obtaining necessary permits.

In areas where there was existing polyurea coating, TMI removed it. TMI carefully tracked all time, materials, and equipment used. The removal process involved scraping, cutting, grinding, and abrasive blasting.

To prepare the surfaces for the new coating, TMI sandblasted the steel walls to SSPC-SP10 Near White Metal Blast standards. The concrete floor was sandblasted to SSPC-SP13 standards. TMI Coatings would ensure that the profile on the walls and floor met the manufacturer’s specifications for immersion service, with a minimum of 3 mils for the steel walls and CSP 4-6 for the concrete floor.

Photos were taken using ICRI surface finish comparators to verify the profile on the floor.

TMI Coatings arrived at the job site ready to tackle the tank lining project and adhered to its motto of Safety. Quality. On time, ensuring the job was completed to the highest standards while prioritizing safety and meeting the agreed-upon timeline. The owner and general contractor repeatedly told TMI during our weekly meetings how satisfied they were with TMI’s workers – their safety, the quality of their work and timeliness.

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