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Lining Wastewater Pits at Biofuel Facility


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted to line wastewater pits and containment areas for a biofuel production facility. The pits were originally lined with a rubber membrane that had failed. It had developed punctures that could allow chemicals to seep out of the containment area. The customer needed TMI to resolve this issue. Our team’s goal was to seal cracks and restore eroded areas of concrete; thoroughly seal the dike to contain liquids in the event of a spill or tank rupture. To accomplish this,TMI recommended our FIBERLIFE protective coating. 


  • Removed the old membrane from the pit.
  • Mechanically abraded the concrete to clean and roughen to create an anchor pattern for new coating adhesion.
  • Sealed all cracks and restored eroded areas.
  • Installed FIBERLIFE:
    • Applied vinyl ester chemical resistant resin and embedded fiberglass mat into the resin – entire floor and up walls
    • Applied an additional coat of resin, mat, resin
    • Applied a final top coat of resin


FIBERLIFE is a seamless vinyl ester coating with a fiberglass mat for reinforcement. This will protect the areas from deterioration unlike the original membrane that TMI removed. It has strong durability and will not peel or flake as its 100% adhered to the substrate. A few years after the project, TMI Coatings spoke with Eric Hunnicutt, the facility manager, who mentioned, “the coating on the outside HCL dike we had done a couple years ago is very sufficient. It is doing its job. We are happy with it.”

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