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Logo Painting


An animal feed supplier contracted with TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore five grain bins. Full restoration was in order including a new logo application.


  • Pressure washed all surfaces to remove dirt and loose paint.
  • Wire brushed and abraded the steel for subsequent coating adhesion.
  • Primed all surfaces with a rust-inhibitive epoxy primer. Applied a high quality acrylic top coat over the primer.

For Logo Restoration:

  • Pressure washed the existing logo to remove dirt and other delaminating material.
  • Primed entire area. Painted out the entire area.
  • Added company logo under the direction and choice of the plant manager.
  • Applied an acrylic polyurethane top coat specifically designed for color retention.


Upon completion of the project, the mill manager stated, “TMI’s crew was nothing but great while they were here. We were able to continue our business without skipping a beat, and the new logo looks great.”

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